Fewer drugs, lower costs, and an unparalleled experience with Natural Cycle IVF.

What does Natural Cycle IVF cost?

NCIVF costs about 25% of the price of a stimulated IVF procedure. We offer a Natural Cycle IVF financial package for patients without insurance coverage as well.

The costs of NCIVF are prorated throughout the process; If the cycle is cancelled because of a LH surge or prior to an egg aspiration or an embryo transfer, the cost to the patient is prorated.

Included in the cycle fee:

  • All blood tests performed during the NC-IVF treatment cycle
  • All ultrasound examinations performed during the treatment cycle
  • The egg retrieval, analgesia, and supplies
  • ICSI and the culture of egg and embryo
  • One ultrasound-guided embryo transfer
  • A cycle review session with a nurse, all facility fees.

Not included in the cycle fee:

  • Routine IVF prescreening, including a mock embryo transfer/hysteroscopy
  • Medications
  • Embryo or sperm cryopreservation and storage fees
  • Assisted hatching**
  • Gender selection
  • Complications of therapy
  • Pregnancy testing and monitoring

All included services are performed at Dominion Fertility. Satellite arrangements can usually be made for patients outside the Washington D.C. area.

Please call our office at (703) 920-3890 and ask to speak with someone in Financial Services for current pricing.