Fewer drugs, lower costs, and an unparalleled experience with Natural Cycle IVF.

Natural Cycle IVF Uses No Ovarian Stimulation Drugs.

This is its major difference from conventional IVF and why Natural Cycle IVF is easier, less stressful, and much less expensive. Conventional IVF is necessary for many patients. It utilizes drugs to obtain multiple eggs and embryos.

With Natural Cycle IVF, your body naturally selects your best egg. When mature, usually around the tenth day of your cycle, the egg is retrieved in a simple, in-office procedure requiring minimal sedation. It is then fertilized with your partner’s sperm using modern in vitro laboratory techniques.

Three to Five days later a single embryo is replaced in the uterus in another simple, in-office procedure. Two weeks after that we test for pregnancy.

The entire process is based on your menstrual cycle and takes 30 days. You have no hospitalization, no drugs, and almost no chance of multiple pregnancies- all of which minimize stress. The cost is about 25% of conventional IVF.